Updated 11/7/2021

When using certain services provided by me and accessing my website, along with any other website hosted, managed, or written by me, I always ensure privacy is one of my top priorities. I am a strong advocate for data privacy, transparency, and control and I only collect the information required to make my services work. Unnecessary data collection is harmful and should have no place on the internet.

Prelude - Governing Law and Scope is operated under the legal jurisdiction of the United States. Servers and instances are hosted in varying parts of the world which include the US and Germany. Our upstream providers have their own privacy policies which apply separately and as such you are recommended to view them as well.

I. Data Collected

Ia. Self-Hosted Public Instances

This privacy policy does not apply to self-hosted instances. Click here for the privacy policy regarding instances.

Ib. Horizon Pics

This privacy policy does not apply to the following domains:

While these domain names' DNS is operated by, the content of these webpages are fully controlled and operated by Horizon Pics, an independent file sharing host. Click here for the privacy policy of Horizon Pics.

Ic. Other Services

When you access or use any service operated by, my servers automatically collect certain information to complete the query and mitigate abusive activities.

The following information is collected on all services by Apache:

All data except account data (on services that require it) is wiped every 12-24 hours, unless retainment is required to mitigate abuse or comply with legal requests.

Id. ProxyNet

ProxyNet is a proxy/VPN lookup service. In order for ProxyNet to work, website and application operators need to submit client IP addresses to ProxyNet for analysis. Security and privacy of this data is taken with extreme care and I have implemented measures to ensure that data such as client/server IP addresses and lookup data are not accessible beyond a certain period of time. When a request is made to the ProxyNet systems, a SHA-512 hash of the client IP address is generated to store its proxy/no proxy result in a volatile, temporary cache for lower response times on repeated lookups. This also guarantees that I do not know the IP addresses a server sends to ProxyNet for analysis. The cache is wiped every 1 hour, and the whole ProxyNet instance is refreshed in a zero-downtime manner every 24 hours.

The server IP address, timestamp, and a count of lookups is stored in a central database to mitigate abuse. The lookup count is rolling and expires every 30 days. If there is no activity from the IP address in 7 days it is automatically purged from the database. Actual lookups are not stored centrally and are used for caching purposes only as mentioned above.

Ie. Cloudflare

All services use Cloudflare, a global content delivery and website proxy service to prevent against attacks such as DDoS or automated requests. By using and its services, you also agree to Cloudflare's privacy policy.

II. Data Shared

I will never sell or market your data to third-parties, period. Data is shared in a transparent and open matter.

Anonymized information may be shared to my upstream intelligence providers to complete a query in ProxyNet or IP intelligence. These partners include IPInfo, IPQualityScore LLC, Ivan Sousa, and MaxMind Inc.

III. Data Control

Account data as described in Section I can be accessed and deleted at any time. Log into the service provided by me and follow the instructions to request your data and/or delete your account. Any other data is wiped automatically, so manual request of deletion is not necessary.

At any time you may exercise your GDPR or CCPA rights to any of my services that require me to store Personally Identifiable Data (PII).

IV. Changes to Policy

By using and its services, you agree to this privacy policy. I reserve the right to modify this policy at any time. By continuing to use and its services you signify your acceptance to the revised privacy policy and terms of service regardless if you reviewed them.